NBA should be arrested for Human Trafficking and Pimping And Pandering

Million $ Athlete prostitutes

  Shannon Sharp Fox Sports, ESPN, TNT analyst are so psychologically indoctrinated with the establishment of wyte supremacy, that they don’t really listen to themselves.. Just read the comments on this video and you see it’s clear for 90% of the viewers who commented, he is participating in the public lynching of Kyrie Irving’s character and credibility for his own job /career security.. Essentially,  selling himself out for money, “Prostitute”.

  Which brings me to the NBA athletes,  who have taken part in the public lynching and assassination of Kyrie Irving character,  credibility,  and Brand. LeBron James,  Cj McCollum (Who runs the NBA players association), and a long list of cowardice sambos,  who hate Kyrie Irving and what he represents.  He represents all that their money can’t buy!! Morals, integrity,  courage,  fortitude, intelligence,  wisdom and psychological freedom.. Unlike these Million $ Athlete prostitutes,  Kyrie properly values free thought , more than the millions of $ printed by your federal reserve banks 🏦…

  God “The Creator”, blessed us in his image, with the ability to create thought, with the sole ability to control the atomic vibrations of those thoughts. Yet in 2022 negro athletes have valued their million dollar contracts, more than God’s gift. Even more , they abhor and demonstrate their hate for those walking with God. Calling them stupid,  “he fumbled the bag”, representing you with negative connotations. Trying to assasnate your reality before your reality puts their reality to shame..

Anything that can be given to you , can be taken away from you.. Kyrie Irving contract with the Nets, for example,  where he loss $17 million in refusing to allow the government nor it’s proxies to force him to put a proposed new so called vaccine into his body.. Some of us really see our bodies as temples of God, and according to database enrolling some 2.5 million Israelis and was lead by Tal Patalon , head of the KSM research and Innovation Center at Maccabi Healthcare services, and deputy Sivan Gazit, found that previous infection from covid- 19 conferred considerably stronger and longer lasting protection against the Delta variant than vaccines. Wadman also noted that the research showed that never infected people who were vaccinated in January and February were , in June, July, and the 1st half of August, 6 to 13 times more likely to get infected than unvaccinated people ” who had previously had covid. So although Kyrie Irving position was unpopular he had the right of it, and for standing on what he believed.. The Bknand NBA trying to mandate vaccinations were held wrong , in a similar case about NYPD officer ,who sued NYPD for firing him for refusing the jab, without considering his religious exemption..

See million $ Prostitute athletes, or in Shannon Sharpes case, ex athletes, are able to be perceived as strong, and having perseverance, fortitude, on the field or on the court.. Their wives and children look upon them proudly, until a Kyrie Irving comes along, with free thought, questioning the status quo, questioning and distrustful of everything in a country built upon institutionalized racism.. These insecure Prostitutes have fornicated with wyte supremacist ideals so long, they feel obligated to defend their pimp. No matter how irrational they sound, all they know is “My owner been good to you boy, you dumb for making massah upset”.. “What are you trying to start and uprising in the fields?” I won’t let you , make it hard for me and everyone else , I’m telling massah-the owner rn”..The Indoctrination of a slave mentality “.. I heard it called Stockholm syndrome, and Willie Lynch Syndrome. And it’s traumatic to melinated ADOS, like me to see another ADOS, being whipped into submission, by the establishment, and the ruling elite. It angers me witnessing the Buck Breaking, and even more so, the public demonstration of the enemies power for the world to see.. Kyrie Irving promoted a film with antisemetic trobes.”Say your name Tobi”,, “No I’m Kyrie, Ik where I come from so I can never be antisemetic.” (Nike has ended its partnership with Kyrie Irving) I apologize to anyone who was hurt by that post, I accept responsibility and donate $500,000 against all hate”. (Kyrie Irving is suspended for a minimum 5 games, and must be enlightened, meeting with the ✡ community to learn about anti semetism and how it effects the Jewish community).. Say your name Tobi!! “..

Kyrie apologizes yet I see more angry Negroes in media , attacking him than the Jewish community.. Oh okay pit the house 🏠 vs the field👌🏾… Kyrie has not 1 negro in media stand with him. Jason Williams did question why wasn’t their equal energy for Amazon who actually profits from the film on their platform. The female host diverted ,”but we’re talking about Kyrie”. Noone questioned if this tweet was full of antisemetic tropes as accused, why isn’t Kyrie account suspended? Noone targeted Amazon, Twitter, nor Instagram (Meta)?? Because it’s not acceptable to hold responsible all parties in America, it’s not a problem to hold ADOS accountable, tear them down, in fact it’s En vogue, ESPN, FSN, NBA, the Prison Industrial Complex….

Kyrie t.y for standing as a man should on what you believe. Ty for explaining that you don’t believe the films position denying the holocaust, and for holding yourself fully responsible. That’s a great look as a father, Leader, and Melinated Celestial Being, you helped God separate the flock, of hypocrites amongst us. Ty for not being a million dollar Prostitute athlete.. 💪🏿✊🏿🙏🏿👏🏿💯 #2black2strong

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ActiveChuckss is an acronym meaning Aggressive Changes That Influence Various Ethnicities Communication Hopefully Unifying Communities Kneading Social Services... Formulated in 1999 as ACEntertainent,the parent company of Thugtorious G's(it's @ASCAP affiliate),by Lamonte "Duse M'$"Sims. @Duse M'$ was a troubled youth, birthed to a hustling mother and a gangster father. Although intelligent, Duse M'$ like his father became heavily entrenched in the South Central LA gang sub-culture, joining the notorious Bloods. As a result and to no surprise, he racked up his arrests ,serving time in juvenile hall, camp, and C.Y.A. for assault with a deadly weapon. Frustrated with becoming just another statistic, a black male in a perpetual cycle of incarceration, Duse M'$ sought out another option his passion " hip-hop." Duse M'$ hooked up with his OG homie and local hustler, Reggie Cudahay- President of Just A Few Records. Next he recorded his first demo(16tracks), under the pseudonym @Desperado Angelino,and even auditioned and qualified for the Budweiser's Best In The West. Discouraged by the stalled progress at Just A Few, DuseM'$ returned back to the @Brims and the fastlife of drug dealing, violent crime, mustering enough cash to resume recording music. It was then M'$ really began envisioning @ActiveChuckss. This was when his "then girlfriend" Lakeysha Andrews became pregnant,at which time they were married. Still entrenched in criminal activities, and desiring a better life for his family Duse M'$ made the biggest mistake of his life, resulting in his arrest on February22,2002 for Conspiracy to commit armed bank robbery of California Credit Union in Torrance,Ca. .His dreams of ActiveChuckss came to an abrupt halt when the judge sentenced him to 120 months in federal prison. In January 2011 Duse M'$ was released to a federal halfway house, reawakening his dream of establishing ActiveChuckss as a relevant company in the underground hip-hop scene. DuseM'$ began recording immediately with superproducers @Trak D @LeagueOfStarz and @DTMakeshitz of @SlaphouseProductions resulting in Still I Live the mixtape ActiveChuckss also sold thousands out of the trunk of his Lincoln Mark Vlll. ActiveChuckss then partnered with local homeboy Wesley "GNutt"Crunk, and @YardDownmuzikInk assuming the responsibilities as President of marketing and promotions for YDM. As a result of DuseM'$ marketing acumen, in conjunction with his drive and hustle ActiveChuckss and YDM created a buzz, performing at a multitude of venues , including The Hoυse of Blues (Hollywood),The GClub, ClubCheetahs, ClubHaute,and The Factory,recording music and performing with such artist as @TyDolla$ign, @TooShort, @YG, @JoeMoses, @AVLMKR, @JONGEEZY, @REEM RICHES, @MITCHYSLICK,@ OGELIFE,@ MUCHO DENIRO, @MISTAH FAB, @GOLDIELOC OF @SNOOP DOG AND @THE EASTSIDERS, @COMPTON MENACE,and @HiPowerEnt. @Grumpy and @LadyPinks. ActiveChuckss has also worked with RobLo(crime lab),Tommy'Bigshots'Martinez, and a slew of other producers. Suprisingly it wasn't through association with hiphops elite hitmakers that ActiveChuckss gained it's notoriety,,in 2012 Duse M'$ and 5StarMGWest -AOB artist Fingaz recorded 'hit yo brimin'. This anthem was released as the first single on YDM volume1#RNS ,cohosted by Floyd Mayweather's TMT DJ @JAY Bling And B.A and @DJ Caspa @DahittmenWest. With a plethora of unreleased tracks and the success of DuseM '$ constituents,as well as the resources available, the dream Thee Brand's now manifested, ActiveChuckssEntertainment!! DUSE M '$ has released the street banger "Meet Me In The Set " on worldstar hiphop. Same song was requested and distributed by Jaceon Taylor,(@The Game) for the Gametime volume 6 mixtape. With the DIFFERENT bmix ft. platinum recording artist Joe Moses (NWB- EMPIRE),and @FAT ROB (@Breadkamp), in rotation on several radio stations, and Duse M'$ "Light Up " ft.@ Breanna Marin , garnering buzz , the #marchmadness soundtrack promises to be on your Spotify and/or Apple music playlist. Duse M'$ has recently assumed V/P of A&R position for Valtv network with distribution through Sinclair broadcasting affiliates and Viacom doing films and commercials, anddocumentaries. Additionally, Duse M'$ is executive producing Live pay per view streaming events, during COVID19 , lockdown.. Duse M'$ is more than an artist he is a hardworking shrewd CEO, with connections high and low ,and an unconventional business acumen.

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