Active Chuckss Ent. Presents Duse M’$ – #EmCommerce (A TrapLA Exclusive) Mixtape & Interview


TrapLA’s very own, Dj 2Weezy, chopped it up with Active Chuckss Ent. artist, Duse M’$, to talk about his latest album, “#EmCommerce”, and how he’s been capitalizing on the prison sentence he was given to grow and master his rap career. We we’re able to get a full interview via cell phone, and asked him these questions.

1.     What Does Your Work Aim To Say?

Duse M– What active chucks presents Duse M #EmCommerce aims to communicate is a blatantly, arrogant, rebellious nature. That rebellious nature is relatable to young rebels seeking to carve out their individuality. That same rebel spirit has been embedded in the fiber of the American people, since first rebelling against the King of England paying him taxes. That spirit transcends time. All the way to the Civil Rights Movement versus establishment, and then seduced into the hip hop culture, with NWA’s ‘Fuck the Police’. The people just like to stick it to the ‘Man’, you know?”


2.     What Do You Feel Is The Best Song You’ve Ever Released, and Why?

Duse M– “Well, ‘Hit Yo Brimin’, would be the obvious answer, considering that it grossed over millions of dollars, but from an artist stand-point man, Imma have to say ‘Jockey’ (Gangster Party). That’s off the new album and shit, ‘#EmCommerce’, because it probably represents the whole of who I am as an artist. You know what I’m saying. It’s a gangster rapper, a lyricist, a boss player, a street reputable, that would come and turn your motherfucking function up, with bangers doe. (Laughs Out Loud). 


3.     Which Artist Would You Like to Collaborate With Next, and Why?

Duse M– “Um… One artist, I’d say Nipsey, and that’s because his lyrics is inspirational. He dope as fuck, and more than all of that, is because his brand has monopolized the exact audience that my music would ideally be target marketed to, so from a business stand-point, Me and Nip need to get together, so Holla!”


4.     If You Had One Message to Give to Your Fans, What Would It Be?

Duse M– “One message? Well, my message would be that they are, the reason why we do this man? You know? They are the people, and we are the people. You understand what I’m saying. We’re a voice that comes from that same struggle. Struggle is the universal language. So, yea man, that’s what I want them to know. That they the reason. All of this is for them. You know?”


5.     Well, What Have You Been Up Since “Hit Yo Brimin’”?

Screenshot 2021-02-06 at 7.14.53 PM         Duse M’$– “Man, I went to prison for assault with force likely to produce GBI. They doubled me up to 8 years. I been in prison man litigating against the established man, these muthafucking crackers, you know? Them muthafuckers haven’t compensated me for my use of my masters, or the use of my exclusive copyrights. Amazon, USA, Amazon (UK, France, India), Spotify, Datpiff, Soundcloud, MTV, Viacom, YouTube. Yeah, holla at me, I need my doe. Run dat!”